Environmental Design Team Update

This year our challenge is to design a cost-effective and sustainable process to remove phosphorous from liquid waste streams.  We will spend our time researching and designing phosphorous removal strategies.  For PSWC we need to build a treatment process and bring that and all other essential materials to the competition.  We will also have to write a paper that will explain our design and provide a cost assessment of the system.  We will also be trying to highlight sustainability in our design.  At PSWC our system will be tested and then there will be a ten minute presentation detailing how and why we designed our system.  The presentation team will consist of 6 members, but our design team as a whole will include anyone who is interested in helping out.

Last year's environmental team with their 1st place trophy
Last year’s environmental team with their 1st place trophy.

Last year our USC Environmental Design Team won First Place in our competition at PSWC. We need your help to continue our success at this year’s competition in San Diego!

We’ll be holding our first meeting after the PSWC info sessions in January, so look out for details in our weekly newsletters. If you’d like to be added to the Environmental Design Team’s mailing list, email environemtnal@uscasce.com.