ASCE 2015 Convention: Social Media, Part 1

Eight representatives are in New York this week for the ASCE 2015 Convention. Follow us on twitter for updates on our adventures and check out our facebook page for daily summaries. This post will feature a compilation of all of our tweets throughout the first half of the convention to give an overview of what we’re up to!

Half our group headed out Thursday night, the other half came Friday.

That’s One World Trade Center – the tallest building in the western hemisphere! Those of us in CE Building Science are particularly interested in all of the architecture in New York.

… who are our social co-chair can concrete canoe co-captain!

… due to the red-eye flight the night before. This was a great place for a quick nap.

And then we made it and it was awesome!

Check out the second half of our New York trip here, picking up when the actual convention starts!