USC ASCE Newsletter for March 23, 2016

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The MEGA SPORTS DAY is Saturday March 26th. It is MANDATORY for everyone who is playing sports at PSWC. please join us to practice and have fun.

Also PSWC is having a donation toward fighting childhood hunger called "Coin Drive". This donation is part of the competition and can bring points to us. See bellow if you are interested.

Design team are meeting this week and they need all the help from their members. Please see the meeting times below.

The USC ASCE Annual report is completed. You can take a look at what we have done during the past year. Link available below.

If you are interested in a position on the E-Board next year, you can start attending the E-Board meetings this semester to get more familiar with the positions. See below for more information.

The membership form is available here!  Dues are $30. You can submit the membership dues to our mailbox in KAP 213, to our treasurer Jason Loui, your design team captains or at an upcoming meeting.


Saina Vosoghi & Branden Currey
Co-Membership Chairs,



When: Saturday, March 26th, 12-3pm
Where: Century (meet at Lyon Center)

PSWC is fast approaching, and it is important we make sure we are ready. If you are planning on playing sports at PSWC, this event is MANDATORY and it is imperative you come practice with everyone else so we can work on team chemistry. We will be practicing volleyball, frisbee, and basketball! Make sure to stop by! 

Call Kelly if you have any questions, or can't find us at (303) 241-4816.


Coin Drive

This year at PSWC there will be a coin drive! It is supporting "Share Our Strength, No Kid Hungry" to help fight childhood hunger. If you have any loose change or just want to donate (we will take cash money too!), please give the money to one of our e-board officers, or you can venmo it to Saina @Saina-Vosoghi. please indicate that this money is for coin drive. Thank you :)


USC ASCE E-Board Meetings

Every Wednesday at 8AM, KAP 209
E-Board meetings are open to all USC ASCE members for the spring semester. Join us if you're interested in helping out or running for an elected position for next year. Breakfast is provided!

2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 annual report is now available. We prepare two annual reports - one for ASCE in slide form and one for USC Viterbi in document form. Both are available here:

• USC ASCE Viterbi Annual Report 2015-16 (Document) 2015

• USC ASCE Annual Report (Slides)

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2015-2016 Fourth General Meeting Recap

2015-2016 Fourth General Meeting Recap

This past Thursday, USC ASCE hosted a general meeting with a special guest: Alan Hanson from Simpson Strong Tie! Alan gave us a brief history and background of the company, and also discussed various scholarship opportunities for juniors and seniors. We're looking forward to the upcoming tour of Simpson Strong Tie!

After the presentation, we held officer elections for four executive board positions for next year: president, vice president, treasurer, and one of the sponsorship/conference co-chairs. The members in attendance were able to hear a bit from each candidate, and voting commenced. It was really great to hear everyone's plans for next year, and so far, it looks like we're going to have a really awesome executive board!

The meeting then closed out with an exciting game of Jeopardy! Members were split into three teams: the cows, ducks, and dogs (with buzzer sounds of moos, quacks, and woofs, respectively), and answered questions about USC, ASCE, Simpson Strong Tie, Engineering, and Construction. The game was extremely close, but the cows ended up winning it all with a risky wager in Final Jeopardy. All in all, it was a really informative and fun meeting, that hopefully gave everyone a little bit of a break as we gear up for PSWC!

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Beach Day!

Beach Day!

This past weekend, USC ASCE teamed up with UCLA to have a joint beach day! We spent the afternoon at Santa Monica hanging out and getting to know each other, as well as playing sports like volleyball and ultimate frisbee. We can't wait to compete in sports at PSWC, and also see our friends from UCLA! Check out some pictures of the day!

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Steel Bridge

We're getting close to the finish line! Come out this week to help us finish the bridge for conference!

Wednesday: 6-9pm

Thursday: 5-8pm

Friday: 12-5pm


Concrete Canoe

Conference is coming up and we can use everyone's help to finish up what's left! Meeting times are:  

Tuesday 5-8PM, 

Wednesday 6-9PM, 

Thursday 5-9PM, 

Friday 2-6PM (probably later)

Saturday 3-7PM, 

Location: KAP Basement



This last week, we'll be building the larger prototype and running tests! If you would like to get involved or receive environmental meeting updates, please shoot an email to



When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6 PM

Where: E-quad

The practice will involve learning how to set up the total station and how to work with it to measure distances and elevation and other cool things. 

If you have questions, or can't find the location, text or call Saina at (310)-990-6603.


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