Newsletter for November 14th, 2016

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Join us for our 2nd ASCE General Meeting coming up Wednesday! Find out how to sign up for PSWC. Design captains will be going an overview of the current status of teams - it's still not too late to get involved! Food will be provided :)

We are currently searching for someone interested in writing this year's technical paper at the Pacific Southwest Conference. If you would like to contribute please see below for more details on how to get in on the scoop!

The membership form is available here!  Please remember to fill out the membership form in order to become an official member! Dues are $30. Please read the form for information on how to submit your payment:

Elizabeth Gu


ASCE Second General Meeting

Date: Next Wednesday! 11/16/16
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Place: SOS B2

Come out to our second general meeting to find out more about current design team status and how to sign up for PSWC! We will be having our second official general meeting Wednesday, November 16, 2016 6:30-7:30 PM room SOS B2. USC ASCE member t shirts will be handed out so make sure you are officially registered and your dues are paid! As always, dinner will be provided!


PSWC Technical Paper Competition

Each year, as part of the Pacific South West Conference, there is a competition for technical paper. If you are interested in writing a technical paper and possibly win monetary prizes, please see the details below:

2017 Topic: "Is it ethical for university engineering faculty to teach technical subject matter to engineering students without obtaining professional licensure?"
Some states require this (such as Idaho) while some states do not. How does that affect the success of a university program? Should all 50 states be consistent with this? Should there be additional routes to obtain professional licensure, such as through research and a doctorate degree?

I. The Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students may be awarded annually on the basis of a paper on professional ethics. Each year the specific topic of the contest for the forthcoming year shall be selected by the Committee on Student Members for the Student Award.
II. Members of Student Organizations of the Society who are in good standing at the time their papers are submitted are eligible for the contest, unless they have previously received the national award for which they are competing.
III. Papers for the national contests shall (a) be limited to one paper from each Student Organization; (b) not exceed 2,000 words in length; (c) be written by only one person; and (d) not have previously been published in other than school or Society publications.
IV. The Committee on Student Members shall review each submission and recommend the top five student papers as Society finalists, of which one may be selected as the national winner for approval by the Executive Committee.
V. All finalists shall receive an appropriate certificate recognizing their achievements. If there is a national winner, they shall receive a wall plaque rather than a certificate.

Please fill out this form if you are interested, and we will contact you with more details about the competition:


Steel Bridge

My fellow steel bridgers,

We will not be having a meeting this week due to our general meeting this coming Wednesday. Come to hear about updates, see the design, and i also heard there will be food!! :-) See you all there!



USC ASCE now has a snapchat! Keep up to date with the latest action going on within USC ASCE. Check us out @USCASCE


Additional Opportunities

Study Abroad - GREEN PROGRAM

Want to push the limits of your physical, mental and emotional self? Care about sustainable renewable energy, water resource management or the regeneration of urban life? Ever thought of traveling to Iceland, Peru or Philadelphia?

Then The GREEN Program (TGP) may be just what you are looking for!

Welcome to a revolutionary educational experience, one that combines in-class learning with site visits and outdoor adventures that evoke transformation in its participants.

I was contacted by my Undergraduate Advisor about this program and thought I might be a “good fit”. I was interested in sustainable renewable energy at the time and Iceland’s program seemed the perfect fit for me. I wanted to study abroad, but with most programs that last a whole semester or even a year, it wasn’t possible to squeeze it into the engineering curriculum. When I found out the program lasts only 8-10 days, I was doubtful of the efficacy of the program, and yet intrigued. It seemed too good to be true.

It wasn’t. Those 8 days spent in Iceland completely transformed my views on sustainability, clean energy, all the while exploring the many natural wonders of the Icelandic countryside – including the Aurora Borealis and the black sand beaches! In the end, I emerged a stronger, more independent, more committed member of a global network of individuals who all care about one goal – to create a world in which sustainable development shapes our future.

So I ask you to trust in my experience. I ask you to ask me more about my experience. And I ask you to apply for The GREEN Program! What do you have to lose?

Below you will find a link to The GREEN Program’s website and a link for the application. Please check them out!

Explore the world. Explore your mind.



Job Opportunity: PSOMAS

Please visit the website for job description and send your letter and resume with the interested position. The position mainly focuses on civil design in roadway transportation while working for many cities. The position encompasses design, calculations, drafting, and administration support to the team and may include: traffic, roadway, storm water, site plan preparation for public agency projects.

Company Website: Psomas

Position: Civil Engineer Designer

Intern Position


Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge for Futuristic Transportation Systems

HEROX is reaching out to the problem solver community to conceptualize a futuristic transportation system for the third and the final phase of the Infrastructure Vision 2050 challenge.

The Build phase is seeking transportation solutions which will carry people from wherever they are to wherever they want to go, and do so in a way that far exceeds the efficiency and safety of today's transportation models. It should be able to serve the United States population in the year 2050 and beyond.

Prize Details: The total prize purse for the build phase is $ 100,000 USD. In addition to monetary prizes, winners shall receive tremendous exposure for their work.

Application Instructions: Last date for submission is December 15, 2016. No entry fee is required. Innovators may originate from any country.

Guidelines/ Registration Link: You may visit the Infrastructure Vision 2050 challenge page for complete challenge guidelines and to register as an innovator.

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