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USC ASCE Newsletter for March 4, 2014

Hi ,

We're working hard to prepare all of our design teams for PSWC, which is in less than a month. Please come to as many meetings as possible so that we can get everything ready for victory.

We've announced our 2014 Concrete Canoe theme: DiSCovery! Our space-themed canoe will feature graphics with space and planets, and will sit on an asteroid and a WALL-E stand.

Nick Halsey
Membership Chair, USC ASCE

Guest Speaker Meeting: Ryan Anderson

Guest Speaker Meeting: Ryan Anderson

On February 20th Trojan alumni Ryan Anderson presented on the San Diego International Airport Terminal 2 Expansion. As a structural engineer for John A. Martin Associates, Mr. Anderson explained some of the challenges he faced with this 1.4 million square foot project.

His firm was responsible for the structural design of the terminal, so he shared...

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Concrete Canoe Updates

After a successful pour day #2 and the completion of one display stand, we'll be working hard this week to make significant progress on the other stand and the cutaway section, which will be a huge 7' long space shuttle. Come help out during the construction times if you're available! Even though the canoe itself is poured, we'r only just entering the busiest time of the year, and we need your help now more than ever.

General Meeting Times (meet in KAP Lobby):

Tuesdays 1-3pm

Thursdays 3-5pm

Fridays 3-5pm

Aesthetics – Fridays 2-3pm, meet in KAP Lobby

Paddling – We're only holding a couple more practices, and the paddling team for PSWC has now been finalized. If you're interested, we'll be looking for more paddlers again in the fall!

Environmental Team Updates

Environmental Design Team (EDT) will be meeting in the KAP Lobby at 9:30 PM on Wednesday to discuss the design and paper for this year’s competition.

EDT Updatees: We are currently in the process of testing materials that can be used in our filter to reduce nitrate and phosphate. Also, if you have a keen sense of design, please help us out by designing our EDT shirts.

If you are interested in joining the Environmental Design Team, please email to join our mailing list.

Steel Bridge Schedule

Steel Bridge currently has three weekly meeting times, in the KAP Basement:

Tuesdays 6:30pm

Thursdays 5pm

Friday 12-1pm

To join our mailing list or ask any questions, email

Career Opportunities

Administrative Intern – Los Angeles County Metroplitan Transit Authority (LA MTA)

Assistant Civil Engineer 1 – City of Downey

MWH (many more openings on their website)

JOB TITLE: Associate Engineer – Water Resources



JOB TITLE: Intern – Water Resources


Viterbi ConnectSC

Bureau of Engineering – City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works

JOB TITLE: Civil Engineering Associate

Job ID: 40039

DEADLINE: 3/12/14, 11:59 pm


Transportation Foundation of Los Angeles

JOB TITLE: Civil/Mechanical Engineering Intern

Job ID: 28640

DEADLINE: 3/21/14


Meruelo Group

JOB TITLE: Project Engineers (Interns)

Job ID: 40094

DEADLINE: 3/26/14


Walt Disney Company

JOB TITLE: Undergraduate Intern, Engineering

Job ID: 39822

DEADLINE: 3/26/14

SoCalGas Job Opportunity
Please see website for full job description

Requisition Number: 14-17664
Job Title: Associate Engineer - Various Locations
Area of Interest: Engineering
Job Description:
This posting is for current and future Associate Engineer or Region Associate Engineer positions in a variety of locations.

Locations may include (but are not limited to) Downtown Los Angeles, Pico Rivera, Chatsworth, Compton, Anaheim, and Redlands.

Prepares or assists in the preparation of engineering designs, specifications, standards, studies and cost estimates in support of projects and tasks managed by others. Applies technical knowledge and skills toward the resolution of problems and the development of sound technical recommendations. Tasks may include, evaluation of new and existing products or systems, need for designs or specifications, and development of test apparatus or procedures.
External Qualifications:
B.S. in Engineering or other technical discipline required; Minimum of a 3.0 Cumulative GPA.

City: CA Various

Posting End Date: 03/15/2014

Event: LA MLAB- LADWP Groundwater Replenishment Technical Presentation

Date: Wednesday, 3/12/14
Time 6:00-8:00pm
Cost: $5 for students
Where: Taix French Restaurant, 1911 W. Sunset BLVD. Los Angeles CA. 90026
RSVP by: 3/9/14 at

Join LA MLAB in a technical presentation hosted by the ASCE Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch (MLAB) in conjunction with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). Mr. Peter Liu, Manager of the Water Recycling Planning Group, will be giving a presentation on LADWP's Groundwater Replenishment Program.

Click here to view the event flyer. Please RSVP and submit your payment by Sunday, March 9, 2014 at For more questions or information, contact Darwin Vargas

For more LA YMF Events, please visit:

United Water Scholarship


Inland Empire Utilities Agency is looking for an Assistant Engineer (Limited Term)

Under general supervision and direction, performs a variety of routine and semi-routine, semi-professional and professional level engineering related task work in the research, design and construction of capital improvement and construction projects, maintenance projects, and record-keeping for a variety of Agency activities; and performs related duties as assigned.

The Assistant Engineer classification is the entry-level class in the professional engineering series. Initially under direct supervision and project management guidance, incumbents learn to apply the theories, principles and practices of the engineering profession to specific design, process improvement, or construction management assignments pertaining to the Agency’s wastewater/water treatment, pre-treatment, reclaimed water, co-generation, biosolids facilities and systems. Responsibilities and assignments performed by incumbents of this class are very structured and are very narrow in scope; tasks and decisions are performed within established guidelines or under the direct supervision of senior staff.

More information here

The Structural Engineers Foundation (SEF) is currently accepting applications for the upcoming academic year for undergraduate and graduate students studying structural engineering. Applicants will be evaluated based upon scholarship, leadership, and academic involvement . Up to four scholarships will be awarded, each in the amount of $2,000. One of the four scholarships, the Max Zar scholarship, will be awarded to students enrolled in a school in Illinois. We also have a scholarship directed for students of Hispanic descent.

We are distributing the scholarship announcements via email only and we are also sending the application announcements only to a select group of universities. Please make sure your outstanding engineering students are aware of this program. A letter describing the scholarship can be accessed by clicking here.

The application form can be accessed here.

The scholarship application deadline is April 30, 2014. Winners will be notified by June 1.

The SEF was established in late 1993 in recognition of the 75th birthday of the Structural Engineering Act of Illinois. It was set up to provide financial support for the educational and charitable activities of the structural engineering profession, including items like scholarships, honoraria for lecturers and research grants. The Foundation is funded by individual engineers, engineering firms and other businesses and organizations associated with engineering and construction. SEF is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service and contributions are tax-deductible within the limits prescribed by tax laws.

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