USC ASCE Newsletter for October 5, 2015

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Our next general meeting is Thursday, October 22, remember to come out and learn more about the organization! There were also be free food. Design teams are continuing their weekly meetings and its not too late to sign up. We also have a couple social events coming up that you don't want to miss! 

The membership form is available here!  Dues are $30. You can submit the membership dues to our mailbox in KAP 213, to our treasurer Jason Loui, your design team captains or at an upcoming meeting.


Saina Vosoghi & Branden Currey
Co-Membership Chairs,


Steel Bridge Meeting

This week we'll continue to hone our steel skills, so if you want to learn the machines or get more experience come on down! We'll also be doing a little more design so if you want to learn what goes into the bridge or have input, feel free to stop by! 
Even if you can only come for an hour, it's okay! Any little bit of practice now goes a long way! New and returning members are always welcomed!

Wednesday: 4:00pm - 6:00pm ( design and machines)
Friday: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
For both meetings, we'll meet in the KAP lobby then head downstairs.


Concrete Canoe Sub-team meetings

This week, only the structures and aesthetics sub teams will be meeting due to the ASCE National Conference which will occur later on in the week. In aesthetics, we will continue to develop the design for the canoe which, barring any objections, is Disco! The structures sub team will further develop the loading cases for the canoe and review shear moment diagrams.

Structures: Tuesday 6PM, KAP 167
Aesthetics: Wednesday 6PM, KAP 167

Mix design, construction, and paddling sub teams will not be meeting this week!

Text Erin at (808) 497-1697 if you have trouble finding us!


Environmental Design team First Meeting Recap

Environmental Design Team had its first meeting this past Friday! 

For those who could not make it, please vote here for meeting times and film screening options! Stay tuned for upcoming events.

For a more detailed recap, please email the captains at indicating your interest.

Sports Day!

Sports Day!

Since a big part of PSWC (Pacific Southwest Conference) is all the different sports competitions, it is important we train so we can beat the other schools! Especially after our first place finish in Ultimate Frisbee last year, we are hoping to win even more sports this year.  Every month we have a sports day, which is where we all meet up and practice sports together. It is a fun way to hangout and get some exercise!

For this month's sports day we focused on volleyball, since we are hopeful it will make a reappearance at PSWC this year! We learned that the key to volleyball is communication and that it is very important to call the ball and say "MINE!" Our volleyball team now looks ready to go!

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Career Series: Resume Workshop

Career Series: Resume Workshop

Yesterday members from YMF (The Younger Members Forum) and MLAB (Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch) stopped by for a Resume Workshop! Since they are working professionals in the Los Angeles area, they are full of great advice and feedback to get our resumes ready for the USC Viterbi Career Fair this upcoming week!

Our members were asked to send in their resume a week before so that the members from YMF and MLAB could look them over beforehand. That way at the workshop we received great feedback right away, and a copy of our resume with comments on it to take home.

Thanks to YMF and MLAB for their help in making this event so successful!


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