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Big and Little BuddiesThe USC American Society of Civil Engineers Big Buddy Program pairs incoming freshmen and transfer Civil and Environmental Engineering students with upperclassmen in the Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The mentoring program serves as a resource for incoming freshmen by matching them with older USC ASCE members who can answer their questions about college life, classes, and civil/environmental engineering. Each semester, there are social events hosted by USC ASCE and the department, including a Welcome Back Social in the Fall, for freshmen and their buddies.

Please fill out this form by Friday, 8/24/2014, to apply for a big buddy for fall 2014!


  • What kind of time commitment is required?
    Little Buddies can control how much they interact with their Big Buddies.  The Big Buddies will check in periodically to remind Little Buddies that they are available, but ultimately, the Little Buddy decides how much to utilize this resource.
  • What is ASCE?
    ASCE stands for the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Established in 1852, it is America’s oldest national engineering society, and it serves to “provide essential value to [its] members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good.”  For more about ASCE, you can visit the national website at
  • What does USC ASCE do?
    USC ASCE is the USC student chapter of ASCE (see above).  We connect civil/environmental engineering students to the civil/environmental engineering profession through guest speakers, social events, and a fun competition in April called PSWC that involves 18 universities from California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii!  Check out the rest of our website for more about this competition and updates from our Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, Environmental, and Geotech teams!
  • Am I required to become a USC ASCE member if I participate in the Big Buddy Program?
    You are not required to become a USC ASCE member as a Little Buddy, although we highly encourage it.  The Big Buddy Program is meant to serve as an additional resource to help you adjust to life on campus.
    Note: All Big Buddies must be members of USC ASCE.
  • How successful has the Big Buddy program been in the past?
    • “The Big Buddy program got me hooked on ASCE. It also gave me someone who I could ask advice from for classes or help on homework.”
    • “My big buddy definitely helped me with my time at college. She told me about upcoming classes and offered to help me on the ones that I have taken as well! And it was really cool learning that we grew up in the same neighborhood and had similar experiences in high school.”
    • “My big buddy helped me to learn the tools necessary to succeed as a civil engineer. She gave insights I wouldn’t have received otherwise.”

Big Buddy Information

Returning USC ASCE members are eligible to become big buddies for this program. They are expected to:

  1. Make initial contact with your freshman buddy before school starts
    • At least through phone or email, but we encourage you to meet up in person with your buddy before the first event
  2. Attend the Welcome Social and one other social event during the semester
  3. Periodically check-in with freshman buddy throughout the semester
    • Attend ASCE meetings (if both can attend)
    • Contact via email or phone or in person in lieu of attending these meetings

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