Each of our design teams has its own Google Calendar, in addition to the general one. We also maintain a USC General Calendar for convenience.

If you use Google Calendars, you can add one or more of our calendars to your calendar by clicking the “+ Google Calendar” icon at the bottom of the calendar.

You can also add our calendars to your calendar if you use another calendar service, such as Outlook or iCal. Here are the instructions for each:


  1. From your calendar on, select “Import” from the bar at the top of the page, then select “Subscribe” from the left sidebar on the following page.
  2. Enter the name and URL of each of the calendars that you wish to subscribe to from the list at the bottom of the page (add one at a time).


  1. Create a new calendar in iCal.
  2. Choose the subscribe menu item, then paste the desired URL from below into the “subscribe to” box (you need to add each calendar seperately).
  3. Title the calendar appropriately, and make sure it’s set to sync/refresh at least daily.

Calendar URLs

  • Concrete Canoe Team:
  • Steel Bridge Team:
  • Environmental Team:
  • USC General:

USC Student Orgs Joint Calendar

This calendar contains events from all Civil and Evironmental Engineering Department organizations, to minimize scheduling conflicts.

Note: USC EERI and USC ITE need to be added if they have (or start) calendars.

American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at the University of Southern California

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