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ASCE National Convention Conference 2016


Every year, ASCE organizes a National Convention in which civil engineering students and professionals from all over the country come together and attend civil engineering related events and workshops. This year, the National Convention took place in Portland, Oregon from September 28th to October 1st.

USC ASCE sent three student members to the National Convention to learn more about what ASCE is doing on the national level and to gain insight on some current civil engineering topics. President Saina Vosoghi, vice president Marissa Knutson, and secretary Elizabeth Gu flew to Portland to attend the convention and experience the beautiful city!

Vice President, Marissa Knutson (left), Secretary, Elizabeth Gu (middle), President, Saina Vosoghi (right)

Some of the insightful workshops that USC ASCE members were able to attend were on subjects such as past iconic construction endeavors, the influence of various civil engineering innovations, and how to improve the professional status of civil engineers. Two of the sessions, “Building the Grand Coulee Dam”, and “Behind the Scenes: Design and Construction of the World’s Longest Floating Bridge”, went through a step-by-step process of how these grand structures were designed and constructed. In addition, “Transforming Transportation – Automated and Connected Vehicles”, discussed the ethical dilemmas regarding the advanced technological pursuits of automated vehicles. Two workshops that discussed the role of civil engineering professionals both in industry and in the world included “Collaboration of Construction Engineers and Structural Engineers” and “Humanitarian Opportunities in Civil Engineering.”


An emphasis was placed on the importance of good communication between design and construction that begins with a solid relationship between construction and structural engineers. Also, the humanitarian opportunities that are available for civil engineers were discussed and displayed the importance of giving back using the engineering skills that civil engineers have in their possession. Beyond the workshops, USC ASCE members were given the opportunity to speak with esteemed civil engineering professionals and to preview MacGillivray Freeman’s “DREAM BIG” movie, set to release in February 2017.


The convention was not just about business, however. Saina, Marissa, and Elizabeth also got the opportunity to experience some of Portland’s most treasured attractions! They rode the Portland Aerial Tram and got to escape the LA drought and go hiking in some beautiful green forests. Powell’s Book Store was also an impressive sight to see, the world’s largest independent bookstore! They couldn’t stay away from the great food and visited Voodoo Doughnuts and the Portland Saturday Market. They took advantage of Portland’s great public transportation and rode the train to Washington Park, the deepest transit station in North America at 260 ft. below ground. At Washington Park, they explored the arboretum as well as the Vietnam War Memorial. They truly enjoyed getting to visit the city and were taken away with the beautiful buildings and impressive bridges. The ASCE National Convention was a great experience and we can’t wait for next year’s in New Orleans, Louisiana!

2016-2017 USC ASCE Executive Board

President: Saina Vosoghi

Vice President: Marissa Knutson

Secretary: Elizabeth Gu

Treasurer: Jason Loui

Sponsorship/Conference  Co-Chairs: Alex Tanner & Marjo Jarrin

Media Chair: Akivan Rooks

Social & Mentorship Chair: Linnea Engstrom

External Relations Chair: Branden Currey

Concrete Canoe Project Manager: Karina Schulz

Concrete Canoe Asst. Project Managers: Emmy Park & Cole Pernitsky

Steel Bridge Project Manager: Jamaica Go

Steel Bridge Asst. Project Manager: Jennifer Villacis

Environmental Design Project Manager: Justine Lee

Geotechnical Design Project Manager: Branden Currey



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gregg Brandow

Practitioner Advisors: Julian Garcia and Ed Reynolds

2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 annual report is now available. We prepare two annual reports – one for ASCE in slide form and one for USC Viterbi in document form. Both are available here:

This year’s ASCE Student Chapter Report (slides and excel file) was recognized with an honorable mention, placing our chapter in the top third of ASCE student chapters nationally for the first time in at least five years.

Fall E-Board Retreat

During the first weekend of school our 2015-2016 E-Board had a retreat! We headed to the bowling alley to put our skills to the test. With the E-Board divided into two lanes, a competition began to see which lane could get the higher overall score! Congrats to the “right lane,” consisting of Tyler, Luyue, Lucy, Erin, Jessica, and Kai who were victorious!

Other highlights included using the large dinosaur ramps to ensure a spare, getting to know each other afterwards at a family dinner, and when out of no where Lucy suddenly became really really good at bowling. She must have been fooling us on the first game!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.33.22 PM
Saina on the dinosaur ramp!

We are excited to work together for the rest of the year and plan some remarkable events for USC ASCE.


2015-16 USC ASCE Executive Board

President: Nick Halsey

Vice President: Lucy Egbe

Secretary: Nicole Ludena

Treasurer: Jason Loui

Sponsorship/PSWC Chairs: Alex Tanner & Marissa Knutson

Membership Chairs: Saina Vosoghi & Branden Currey

Media Chairs: Noah Cherner & Cindy Wei

Social and Outreach Chairs: Kelly Lynch & Rich Windisch

External Relations Chair: Tyler Pullen

Concrete Canoe Captains: Erin Yamashita & Karina Schulz

Steel Bridge Captains: Jessica Maass & Kai Hayashida

Environmental Design Team Captains: Justine Lee & Luyue Zhang

Geotechnical Design Team Captain: Nicole Ludena



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gregg Brandow

Practitioner Advisors: Julian Garcia and Ed Reynolds

2014 Annual Report

The USC ASCE 2014 Annual Reports are now available for viewing. Due to new guidelines, this year USC ASCE has created two annual reports, one for national ASCE and one of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. The reports outline accomplishments from the past year and aim to seek improvements for coming years.

USC ASCE 2014 National Student Chapter Annual Report

USC Viterbi School of Engineering 2014-15 Annual Report

This year’s Viterbi Student Organization Repory earned USC ASCE the Outstanding Student Organization Award for USC Viterbi.

2014-15 USC ASCE Executive Board

President: Winston van Keulen

Vice President: Tedman Tran

Treasurer: Vincent Nguyen

Secretary: Sylvia Tran

Sponsorship/PSWC Chairs: Lucy Egbe & Nick Halsey

Membership Chairs: Jason Loui & Kenya Collins

Social Chairs: Kelly Lynch & Tyler Pullen

Archivist: Joshua Hung

Webmaster: Noah Cherner

Concrete Canoe Captains: Ethan Davidson & Erin Yamashita

Steel Bridge Captains: Daniel Huang & Ben Richardson

Environmental Design Team Captains: Kevin Gibson & Chris Dorn


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gregg Brandow

Practitioner Advisors: Julian Garcia and Ed Reynolds