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2014 Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders

Four USC ASCE members attended ASCE’s 2014 Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders – Regions 8 & 9 (WSCL) this past weekend in Phoenix, AZ. WSCL is designed to give current and future chapter officers training, while facilitating networking opportunities with other students and professionals, allowing good ideas to be shared between schools.

The main conference room where most sessions were held
The main conference room where most sessions were held.

Conference sessions covered topics from presenting each university’s successes and challenges to discussing how to better connect students from different universities to an overview of the new format for next year’s annual report.

Networking Reception at the end of the first day.
Networking Reception at the end of the first day.

Networking was also a critical component of WSCL. Making connections with other students and with Civil and Environmental Engineering Professionals from ASCE Younger Member Groups and ASCE Section and Branch leaders is important for a variety of reasons. Ideas within and outside of ASCE can be shared, friendships can be formed, and potential career opportunities can be created.

USC ASCE Members with ASCE President-Elect Robert Stevens
USC ASCE Members with ASCE President-Elect Robert Stevens

In addition to the student-focused sessions, several events were held with the younger members and section and branch leaders, whose conferences occurred simultaneously. Highlights included several networking events (including meals!), a speech by ASCE President-Elect Robert Stevens, and a Q & A session with ASCE’s President, past President, and President-Elect.

One last picture with Phil the Philanthropist before we gave him back to the ASCE Foundation.
One last picture with Phil the Philanthropist before we gave him back to the ASCE Foundation.

Overall, WSCL was a great experience where we made new connections and formed new and exciting ideas for USC ASCE. If you’re at all interested in a leadership role at USC ASCE, get excited for WSCL 2015 in Seattle, WA!

Website Redesign

We’ve launched a visual redesign of our website, addressing several concerns about our site’s usability that came up in our Fall 2013 survey.

Previously, we used a custom child theme of the Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme. Now,  we’re using Twenty Fourteen, with the Fourteen Colors plugin.

The new design features images more prominently and boldly (see the design team pages, for example, Concrete Canoe). It’s higher contrast and more readable. And most importantly, it provides several tools for us to highlight the most important content, for example, through the new sidebar on the left of the screen.

Continuing our commitment to open source software, I contributed heavily to the development of Twenty Fourteen, so that we could make it better for both our uses at USC ASCE, and for thousands of other sites worldwide.

We hope you like our new design!

EBoard Secret Santa

Our board celebrated its last meeting of the semester with a secret santa gift exchange! After everyone opened their gifts, each person had to guess who gave it to them, which was harder than you’d think given the size of our board.

EBoard Secret Santa gift circle results

Overall this was a great way to end our semester. A lot of work goes into organizing everything for ASCE and we’ve already started getting ready for an exciting spring semester. Through our weekly 9pm board meetings, as well as working outside of the meetings, our board has put in a terrific effort this semester; none of our events would be possible without everyone’s dedication & commitment to making USC ASCE awesome!

EBoard Prep for 2013-2014

Our EBoard has been working all summer planning an awesome year for USC ASCE. Our first in-person meeting was last week and we spent the labor day weekend putting the finishing touches on all of our exciting plans.

On Saturday, several of our members attended the Viterbi Presidents’ Council Retreat, where we learned about all of Viterbi’s resources and strategies for funding, event planning, marketing, and more. Then, we participated in an “Amazing Race” where the prize was extra funding for our org. Unfortunately, it was a race in the literal/physical sense, so we had fun running around campus, up and down stairs in the heat and took 3rd place out of all of the Viterbi student organizations represented.

Then on Sunday, we had our fall officers’ retreat where we took a break from our work to get to know each other better. Now we’re all ready to welcome you to an exciting year of USC ASCE at our first general meeting on Thursday! Here are some pics from our weekend events (more on Facebook):

2013-14 USC ASCE Executive Board

2013-2014 EBoard Group Picture

President: Elise Takebayashi

Vice President: Rosa Lau

Secretary: Davi Corcio-Alvarez

Treasurer: Evan Rosca

Concrete Canoe Co-Captains: Jake Hermle & Sian Alam

Steel Bridge Co-Captains: Daniel Huang & Winston van Keulen

Environmental Co-Captains: Lauren Tiedemann & Tedman Tran

PSWC Chair: Naren Sahai

Sponsorship/Fundraising Chair: Vincent Nguyen

Social Co-Chairs: Allison Wheeler & Dennis Orozco

Membership Chair: Nick Halsey

Historian: Joshua Hung

2012-2013 USC ASCE Executive Board


Oscar Rivera

Vice President

Theresa Kurth


Thomaz Paschoal


Katie Wilson

PSWC Chair

Chris Hong

Concrete Canoe Co-Captains

Jake Hermle & Erin Khan

Steel Bridge Co-Captains

Thomas Palmieri & Justin Zhang

Environmental Co-Captains

Rosa Lau & Elise Takebayashi

Social Chairs

Loay Alsalam & Joao De Barros


Davi Corcio-Alvarez

Fundraising Chair

Omar Dana

Communication Chair

Jennifer Vides