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Los Liones Hike 2016

This past Sunday, September 25th, nine members trekked out to Malibu to hike the Los Liones trail. We had four graduate students and two freshman attend; we are so proud of our member retention and how diverse our club is! It was an especially hot day in LA, but also an especially clear one–so much so that we could see Downtown LA from the top of the trail! We had a great time, and now even more excited for our spring hike when it’s a little cooler out.


Resume Review/Mock Interview Workshop 2016

On the evening of September 22, members of LA YMF (Los Angeles Younger Member Forum) and USC ASCE came together for a resume review and mock interview workshop.

Resume Review/Mock Interview Workshop 2016
Each member received individual attention for personalized resume suggestions.

There was an opportunity to question a panel of LA YMF members about their field as well as a segment for feedback and suggestions on how to curate a proper resume. Later, mock interviews were held in two separate rooms to further prepare students for the types of questions potentially asked in future interviews. Overall, this event provided great preparation for the upcoming Viterbi Career Fair in early October.


Big and Little Buddies 2016-2017

On Thursday, September 15th, we held a mixer for our 2016-2017 Mentorship Program, a.k.a. Big and Little Buddies! We had seven freshman and new members attend with our returning members. We enjoyed getting to know each other as we ate ice cream, played human bingo, and did a speed-dating exercise. Members were asked to answer questions ranging from “Why Civil?” to “If you could get on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere in the world where would you go?” Overall, the event was a huge success, and we were able to pair each little buddy with the big buddy of their choosing!

Beach Day!

This past weekend, USC ASCE teamed up with UCLA to have a joint beach day! We spent the afternoon at Santa Monica hanging out and getting to know each other, as well as playing sports like volleyball and ultimate frisbee. We can’t wait to compete in sports at PSWC, and also see our friends from UCLA! Check out some pictures of the day!

ASCE at the Viterbi E-Week Kickoff Carnival

This past Tuesday, the KIUEL at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering hosted the E-Week Kickoff Carnival on the engineering school quad. The fair featured many activity booths, an In-N-Out truck, a bouncy house,  and more! The carnival represented the kickoff event to an E-Week filled with bubble soccer, quiz bowls, and Viterbi Ball.

ASCE hosted two fun activities: giant tumbling towers and graham cracker house building! At the tumbling tower students put their statics judgement to the tests, stacking 2x4s to new heights. When the towers became tall and wobbly, students gathered around to see who would make the failing move! At the graham cracker station, future architects used icing to construct three-dimensional art… and maybe eat it too.

USC Village Job Walk Spring 2016

Pics from the job walk!

USC Village Job Walk Spring 2016

Panorama of the central plaza

A handful of students were given the opportunity to visit the construction site of the USC Village and get an inside look at the operations happening behind the fences.

The good thing about having construction going on so close to campus is the opportunity to see it up close and in person. At around 3:15 on a warm Friday afternoon, USC civil engineering students of all ages huddled into the main construction office on the south side of the site. There we were given an overview of the project and what all was being accomplished. It was fascinating to see the rows upon rows of construction plans and schematics within the office.

McCarthy Honors College Nameplate
McCarthy Honors College Nameplate

The tour began with a stroll to the side of Building 4, the future McCarthy Honors College. We were shown trenches dug for electrical and utility lines, and the etched out nameplate of the structure.

Next, we walked around to the west side of the building, and we were shown where the exclusive dining hall would be located. The huge openings will eventually be filled with giant stained glass windows.

Building 4 Dining Hall
Building 4 Dining Hall

After that, we took a scenic route to Building 1, the MEP building of the village. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and power, and Building 1 is one of the few structures that uses CMU for its construction. Inside, there were numerous water pipes installed, and it will house many of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the Village. In my opinion, this building was one of my favorites. It had plenty of mechanical detail and intricate features that I found interesting.

Interior of Building 1
Interior of Building 1

Once we left Building 1, we made our way between Buildings 9 and 4 to the central plaza of the Village. Building 9 will be a future location for undergraduate housing while Building 4 is strictly for freshman. Once we arrived at the plaza, were able to see the spire that was placed atop the clock tower just one week prior. It towers 145 feet above the ground, and it is quite a humbling sight to see. The central plaza is where most of the action of the Village community will go down. There will be numerous locations for dining, entertainment, shopping, and communal spaces for people to occupy.USC Village

In addition to these amenities, there will also be a central fountain (which has not been designed yet) and a statue of Hecuba, Tommy’s companion as some might say. In Greek mythology, Hecuba was the queen during the Trojan War.

Next, we toured the inside of Building 4, and we were able to explore the various bedroom layouts. We even got a view of the podium level courtyard in the center of the building and the interesting “Bridge To Nowhere.” This deceiving yet functional bridge spans the gap between  Buildings 4 and 9. The idea with this structure is that you would be able to walk into but not across to the opposite side. Study areas will be within this portion. It makes sense if you want to keep the freshmen separate from the upperclassmen. It is not impossible to cross, however. There is full access on the top level of the bridge.

"The Bridge to Nowhere" Occupants will be able to cross but not enter the adjoining buildings.
“The Bridge to Nowhere”
Occupants will be able to cross but not enter the adjoining buildings.

That pretty much concluded the tour as the sun began to set on that warm Friday evening. It was both a learning experience and a preview of what I hope to be involved in as a future civil engineer.

Podium level courtyard on the second floor of Building 4
Podium level courtyard on the second floor of Building 4

Structural Focus Guest Speaker Visits ASCE

As part of ASCE’s Professional Speaker Series, last week Samuel Mengelkoch from Structural Focus came out to ASCE and gave us a presentation on his experience in the structural engineering field and about some projects he has worked on in his career.


He gave out good advice for those interested in the field of structural engineering and showed that it can be more than just designing steel trusses. Namely, he showed us a renovation project his company is working on somewhere in downtown Los Angeles, where they are taking an old fabric manufacturing factory built in the early 20th century and renovating it into a shopping destination with a vast commercial space.  He described the challenges of earthquake-proofing a building that had been built before earthquake standards, and had not been designed for lateral loads. He really showed how the role of the structural engineer plays out both in shaping the design of the structure, as well as during construction where he worked directly with construction teams.

With so many disciplines of civil and environmental engineering these days, it was really great to hear about one that can really hold up to the competition.

Thank you Samuel!