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Environmental Design Team starts designing!

Env Team - 2-6-13 (2)

Seems like we’ll have to get our hands dirty eventually, but for now, we can start our design from the classroom.  First step was to determine where the wastewater should flow.  Team Co-Captain Elise writes out the announcements before explaining how to determine the expected flows based on the given data for population, acreage, and land usage.  From the theoretical calculations, we will construct our model to accommodate the flows proportionally.

Env Team - 2-6-13


While a few people work out the appropriate manhole locations, the t-shirt committee discusses possible ideas for the best Environmental Design T-Shirt yet!

First Environmental Design Team Meeting!

First Environmental Design Team Meeting
First Environmental Design Team Meeting

Environmental team started off the semester by going over the rules and meeting new people!  This year’s competition is very different from past years.  Instead of treating water by designing a filter, we will have to design an entire  wastewater collection system for a small community.

Looking forward to a great team this year!