The name of this Chapter shall be the University of Southern California Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  This organization will use the name or its acronym, USC ASCE, in all publicity materials and correspondence.


The objectives of this Chapter shall be to encourage the development of a professional consciousness, to foster acquaintances among fellow engineers, to promote professionalism, and to provide industry contacts within the civil engineering profession.  All activities of this organization must be directed toward these objectives.


Section 1. Voting Members:
Voting members of the chapter shall be undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the University who have an interest in some field of civil or environmental engineering.  Voting members need not be enrolled in a field of civil or environmental engineering at the University; however, voting members who are not enrolled in an engineering program may not be able to attend   All voting members must also be members of the National ASCE organization.

Section 2. Non-Voting Members:
Non-voting members of the chapter may be faculty, staff, or alumni of the University who have any interest in some field of civil or environmental engineering.   Non-voting members will not be required to pay dues, but will therefore not receive any of the benefits of national ASCE membership from the University of Southern California Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Non-voting members who wish to become members of the National ASCE organization must do so as individuals not affiliated with the University of Southern California Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Section 3. Membership Dues:
Local dues and ASCE national dues will be collected from all voting members at the beginning of each school year.  Local dues will not be raised without a majority favorable vote by the officers, as defined in Article Four of this constitution.

Section 4. Open Meetings
All general meetings of the Chapter are open to all voting members, non-voting members, other students, staff, faculty, or alumni of the University, or any others who wish to attend.

Section 5. Non-Discrimination Clause:
Membership decisions will not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, creed, national origin, ethnicity, gender disability, or sexual orientation, as stated in Article Nine.


Section 1. Officers:
The officers of the Chapter shall be President, Vice President, Conference Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and any other positions deemed necessary at the time of officer elections.

Section 2. Eligibility:
The President shall be a member of the junior or senior class.  The Vice President and Conference Chair must also be members of the junior or senior class.  All remaining officers may be members of the sophomore, junior or senior class.  All officers will be current undergraduate members who are in good standing with the Chapter and the University.

Section 3. Term of Office:
All officers shall hold office from the day of their election until their successor is elected.

Section 4. Nominations:
Nominations shall be taken two weeks preceding the election meeting.  At the election meeting, nominations may also be taken from the floor from any active voting member.  Each nominee’s consent to serve must be obtained in advance, or the nominee may accept the nomination at the election meeting.  Nominees must be active voting members of the Chapter.  Nominations must be seconded by at least one other active member.  Nominations may be submitted electronically during the two weeks preceding the election meeting.  All nominations received electronically must be seconded by either a second nomination received electronically or verbally at the election meeting.

Section 5. Elections:
The officers shall be elected, by secret or open ballot (the choice is made by the Chapter at the election meeting), from the nominees chosen as described in Article 4, Section 4.  For each office, the candidate receiving the majority of the votes shall be declared elected.  In the event that no one receives a majority, a runoff election shall be held between the top two candidates within one week of the regular election.  An electronic election process may be used in place of an election meeting.  For an electronic election process, a graduating senior will be designated “Marshall of Elections” and will be responsible for the tally of electronic votes.  The outgoing President and Faculty Advisor of the Chapter will certify this tally.  Electronic votes must be received during a period of no less than one week, immediately following the two-week nomination period.

Section 6. Succession of Officers:
If the President is removed from office, resigns, or is otherwise incapacitated, the Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President.  A special election shall be held to fill the office of the Vice President.
If another officer is either removed from office or resigns, the President shall appoint a replacement until such time that a new officer can be elected.


Section 1. President:
The President shall preside at all general meetings of the Chapter and shall perform any such duties as are incumbent on such an office.  The President, with the advice of the other officers, shall appoint the Chair of all Chapter committees, and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all Chapter committees.

Section 2. Vice President:
The Vice President shall assist the President and the Conference Chair and shall assume the duties of the President when the latter is unable to discharge the duties of the office.  The Vice President shall supervise all community involvement activities.

Section 3. Conference Chair:
The Conference Chair shall be responsible for the proper organization of attendance and participation in the Pacific Southwest Regional Conference.  The Conference Chair shall oversee all committees related to the conference activities planned including, but not limited to, conference fundraising, transportation and lodging, and correspondence with the host chapter.

Section 4. Treasurer:
The Treasurer shall take charge of all funds belonging to the Chapter, shall be responsible for their proper disbursement, shall keep an accurate record of said disbursements, and shall render an accurate account at each officers’ meeting.  Reimbursement of Chapter accounts from the Departmental budget is included in these responsibilities.  The fiscal year of the Chapter shall end on the last day of the University’s Spring Semester.   The treasurer shall submit monthly financial statements to the Faculty Advisor of the Chapter.

Section 6. Secretary:
The Secretary shall keep a record of all Chapter meetings, activities, and any other Chapter function.  The Secretary shall maintain a roster of the active members of the Chapter.  The Secretary shall be responsible for the publishing of the (Bi-) monthly newsletter, and shall, with the assistance of other officers, be responsible for the preparation and submission of the annual (calendar year) report of the Chapter to the National ASCE organization.


The bylaws shall be reviewed once a year by the Chapter.


Section 1. Petition:
The active voting members may initiate the recall or impeachment of any officer by submitting a petition to the Chapter Secretary with the signatures of thirty percent (30%) of the active voting members.  If the Chapter Secretary is the office which is suspect then the petition shall be submitted to the Chapter President.

Section 2. Notification:
The Faculty Advisor is to be notified immediately that recall or impeachment proceedings have been initiated.

Section 3. Proceedings:
A general meeting of the active voting members is to be called to debate the issue.  The Chapter officers are to be present.  The President shall preside over the meeting, unless the presidency is the office which is suspect.  In that case, the Vice President shall preside.  The indicted officer may submit a defense to the accusations. A secret ballot vote is to be held and the result announced.  Succession of officers shall follow those rules outlined in Article 4, Section 6.


An amendment to this Constitution may be proposed by presenting to the Chapter Secretary a petition stating the desired amendment and containing the signature of thirty percent (30%) of the active voting members of the Chapter.  This petition shall be read at the next general meeting.  A three-fourths favorable vote of the active voting membership of the Chapter shall be required for adoption.


The Chapter shall abide by the University Policies set forth in the current edition of SCampus, as well as the Rules and Regulations of the University of Southern California.


Section 1. USC:
Part 1. This organization is a recognized student organization at the University of Southern California, but is not a part of the University itself.

Part 2. In all correspondence and business transactions, it may refer to itself as an organization at the University, but not as part of the University itself.

Part 3. The Chapter accepts full financial and production responsibility for all activities it sponsors.

Part 4. The Chapter agrees to abide by all pertinent University policies and regulations.  Where University policies and regulations and those of USC ASCE differ, the policies and regulations of the University will take preference.

Part 5. The Chapter recognizes and understands that the University assumes no legal liability for the actions of the Chapter, and that the University is not providing blanket indemnification insurance coverage for any activities of the Chapter, unless those activities expressly benefit and further the goals of the University, and have received prior review, approval, and consent of the Office of Student Activities, Risk Management, and/or General Counsel.

Section 2. NASCE:
Part 1. USC ASCE is the USC Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Part 2. Where ASCE guidelines, regulations or policies differ from those of the University, the University’s policies, regulations, and guidelines take precedence.



Section 1.  Regular meetings of the Chapter shall be held at least once every month.

Section 2.  Officers’ meetings shall be held once weekly.

Section 3.  In special circumstances, meetings may be canceled, rescheduled, or added to the calendar.

Section 4.  No meetings shall be held during the period of final examinations.

Section 5.   Meetings shall feature presentations by students and professionals, with the goals of providing career preparation assistance, a consciousness of ASCE as a local and national organization, and broadening students’ understanding of the civil and environmental engineering industry.


The President may form committees to organize events or initiatives on an as-needed basis, appointing an elected officer to chair the committee.


Revisions to these Bylaws (review required annually) may be proposed by presenting the proposed changes to the executive board and, upon approval by a simple majority, this petition shall be read at the next general meeting.  The proposed Bylaw revision shall be voted on by not less than a majority of those present and shall receive a favorable vote of not less than a majority of the voters to be adopted.

Last Revised: April 28, 2016

American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at the University of Southern California

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