Environmental Design Team

Our 2013 Environmental Design Team poses with their water distribution system at the PSWC Environmental Competition at Pardee Plaza on the USC Campus.
Our 2013 Environmental Design Team’s wastewater collection system won first place at PSWC

The nature of the Environmental Design Competition changes every year. In the past, the competition involved treating water through the construction of filters with household objects. The final treated water was graded based on various parameters, such as turbidity and hardness.  In 2013, the competition was more related to hydraulics than water treatment.  It involved designing a wastewater collection system based on a set of given criteria.  The system was constructed with clear PVC pipes and assembled on the day of the competition at PSWC. A mixture of soil and water was poured in to test the system for leaks, discharge, and overall efficiency. Out of the 17 schools participating at PSWC, USC took first place. The competition again focused on water treatment in 2014, where our team came in 5th place.

Environmental Design Team meetings usually begin early spring semester when PSWC releases the rules for the competition. Meetings involve the design, construction, and testing of the system.

For more information and updates, check out the Environmental Design Team Blog.

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