Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge is where metal meets the mental and the two come together to create a rich, fun and competitive experience.

547825_511194305604238_1385243310_nWhat we do: We design a bridge, order metal, fabricate the pieces down in the machine shop, and assemble the bridge. Once the bridge is complete we pick a team consisting of three to six members who will compete at PSWC hosted by San Diego State University (all members of the Steel Bridge team are invited to PSWC). During the competition, the three to six member team assembles the bridge as fast as they can while minimizing time penalties. After the bridge is assembled it is put under stress tests of around 2500 pounds.

536242_511194402270895_681931652_nWe look forward to a great year of steel and loads of fun. Please come by or contact us for more information, it’s never too late to join!

Please visit the bridge blog for more information and updates!
Email us at if you have any questions or are interested in joining!

American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at the University of Southern California

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