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25-pound Concrete Bowling/Soccer Ball

So, it turns out that there’s a weight limit for the concrete bowling ball competition (ours was clearly way too heavy to use anyway). Fortunately, being engineers, we we able to find an alternate use for it as a soccer ball, kicking it around campus on our way to the Geotech competition. Note that a 25-pound sphere can pick up a lot of momentum…

Cross-section Pour

We need to make a cross-section of our canoe showing the three layers of concrete and two layers of reinforcement for our canoe display, so we did a mini-pour-day. The one section took only about 90 minutes and just a few people; much more efficiently than pouring the actual canoe.

Bulkhead & Patch Day 2013

Canoe Pour Day 2013

Photos by Nick Halsey, Erin Khan, and Lance Hill. Click on an image to see it full size and scroll through them.