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PSWC 2014 Day 1: Canoe & Bridge Aesthetics

PSWC 2014 Started off with a beautiful day of Concrete Canoes and Steel Bridges on display!

Final PSWC 2014 Preparations

All of our design teams are busy with last-minute preparations for PSWC 2014. We’re off to San Diego tonight, excited to compete!

Concrete Canoe Update

We’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on our concrete canoe and its auxiliary components over the past few weeks. Our cut-away section is a seven-foot-long space shuttle, complete with red steel stands (not pictured):


Our two stands include a massive asteroid (made out of concrete, of course), and a special robotic guest:


We’re building some other cool stuff, including a canoe, of course, but you’ll have to wait until PSWC to see everything else. For now check out the construction pics:

Why does our canoe need extra flotation via bulkheads?

Our canoe’s concrete mix is designed to be less dense than water, in order to ensure that it will float (although other factors also influence whether our canoe floats). This year’s mix is less dense than water, but only just. So as an added precaution, we add foam and air pockets (encased in concrete) to the canoe in the bulkheads (at the bow and stern). This way we have some added flotation factor just in case something goes wrong with our mix design!

2013 Canoe Prep: Mold & Reinforcement

Finishing up the mold and preparing the reinforcement the night before pour day: