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PSWC 2014 Co-ed Canoe Race Heat

Here’s a video of our co-ed sprint heat from the canoe races at PSWC 2014, courtesy of captain Jake’s parents. This was the first heat we’ve won in years! Our team took advantage of DiSCovery II’s straight speed and their extensive preparation on their way to qualify for the small final. The coed race consists of two down-and-back laps for a total distance of 400 meters.

PSWC 2014 Day 2: Concrete Canoe Races

The main event of PSWC Day 2 is the Concrete Canoe Race Competition. All 16 schools with functional canoes compete in 5 events:

  • Men’s Endurance/Slalom (time-based)
  • Women’s Endurance/Slalom
  • Men’s Sprints (Heats, Small & Big Finals)
  • Women’s Sprints
  • Co-ed Double-sprints (4-person)

Our canoe successfully made it through all of the races, and looked great in the process!

It Floats!

Our canoe’s in the water and it’s floating well—too well. We actually had trouble submerging it for the swamp test (where we have to prove that it’ll float). Here’re some clips of SC Traveler in the water (as we bail the water from the swamp test).

The buoyancy is a result of our massive air-and-foam-filled bulkheads.

Why does our canoe need extra flotation via bulkheads?

Our canoe’s concrete mix is designed to be less dense than water, in order to ensure that it will float (although other factors also influence whether our canoe floats). This year’s mix is less dense than water, but only just. So as an added precaution, we add foam and air pockets (encased in concrete) to the canoe in the bulkheads (at the bow and stern). This way we have some added flotation factor just in case something goes wrong with our mix design!

Bulkhead & Patch Day 2013