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2014 Practice Canoe Fresh out of the Mold

After pour day, we decided to re-pour this year’s canoe with a better reinforcement product, as the reinforcement led to the canoe being much thicker than we had designed. But we’re saving this first canoe for practice! Here it is, fresh out of the mold:

Our 2014 practice canoe, DiSCovery I, fresh out of the mold, with the construction team.
Our 2014 practice canoe, fresh out of the mold, with the construction team.

Yes, it’s so smooth, it’s shiny!

Mold Removal Fun/Nightmare

Unfortunately, we ran into some snags with our mold removal process. The foam-release agent didn’t work, so the mold bonded to the concrete and it took three days to get it off… At least we didn’t have a male mold!

2013 Canoe Fresh Out of the Mold

canoe fresh out of the moldWe just finished removing the canoe from the mold. Well, really we removed the mold from the canoe, since our foam release agent didn’t work so the concrete adhered to the foam. But after a couple of days of chiseling, hot-wiring, sawing, prying, clawing, begging, pleading, hoping, praying, rolling-around-in-foam-on-the-floor, and yielding sheer manpower, we’re (basically) done! Now we just need to patch, sand, stain, beautify, etc…