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Pour Day 2016

I first joined concrete canoe my sophomore year because I was drawn to the aesthetic component of designing and staining the canoe. Little did I know how much of a large part of my time at USC concrete canoe would become. Two and a half years and multiple canoes later, I’ve successfully finished my fifth–and hopefully final–pour day. The feeling is a little bittersweet, but first and foremost, my co-captain Karina and I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who showed up to help us out (this is the first year that the entire ASCE eboard came out!). We made a few changes in the weeks between our first and second pour days, and the small alterations really made a huge difference in the process and final product.

This year, our canoe is named That ’70s Canoe, and aptly displays the vibe and colorful culture of the 1970s. The rule change this year banned the use of stains, so we incorporated colors in our own way by creating a tie-dye design and using precast concrete tiles to display a rainbow mosaic peace sign and flowers in the interior of the canoe. The pour day process to get all of our aesthetic components done was a long one–captains showed up to KAP at 8AM with the rest of the team arriving around 9AM, and we covered the canoe to wet cure at 12AM. There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the day, but everyone pushed ahead, and we were able to successfully complete the process, with the remaining members topping the night off with some celebratory midnight ice cream sundaes!
As a graduating senior, I’ve been heavily involved in 5 pour days now, and although it is a rigorous process, it feels a little strange to have completed the last one. Concrete canoe has taken up a huge chunk of my free time for the past two and a half years, but it has allowed me to meet some super amazing people and some of my best friends (that can also help me with my homework). I’m extremely proud of what we accomplished so far this year, and I can’t wait for the months to come and for PSWC!

Pour Day 2014

Our 2014 Pour Day for Concrete Canoe went well, with three layers of concrete and two layers of carbon fiber grid reinforcement going into our homemade mold in about ten hours of work. Roughly fifteen members helped out including a few dedicated non-canoe-team helpers. We finished off the bulkheads, so the only remaining concrete placement will be for the edges and any patches.

Canoe Pour Day 2013

Photos by Nick Halsey, Erin Khan, and Lance Hill. Click on an image to see it full size and scroll through them.