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PSWC 2016 Twitter Feed

PSWC 2016 took place this year at California State University, Long Beach. USC ASCE took home 3rd place overall for the third year in a row! While we continue to organize our photos, please enjoy this compilation of all of our tweets throughout the weekend! Follow us on twitter and check out our facebook page to keep up with ASCE on our  future adventures.

Day 1: General Display Day, CSULB








USC scored 1st place in Jeopardy!




Day 2: Concrete Canoe Race Day,  Marine Stadium







After a series of obstacles courses against the Kimley Horn mascot, USC placed 1st in the mystery event!





Day 3: Steel Bridge Competition Day, CSULB



Justine’s technical paper won 1st place among all schools! Check it out at the link below:












Beach Day!

This past weekend, USC ASCE teamed up with UCLA to have a joint beach day! We spent the afternoon at Santa Monica hanging out and getting to know each other, as well as playing sports like volleyball and ultimate frisbee. We can’t wait to compete in sports at PSWC, and also see our friends from UCLA! Check out some pictures of the day!

Sports Day!

Since a big part of PSWC (Pacific Southwest Conference) is all the different sports competitions, it is important we train so we can beat the other schools! Especially after our first place finish in Ultimate Frisbee last year, we are hoping to win even more sports this year.  Every month we have a sports day, which is where we all meet up and practice sports together. It is a fun way to hangout and get some exercise!

For this month’s sports day we focused on volleyball, since we are hopeful it will make a reappearance at PSWC this year! We learned that the key to volleyball is communication and that it is very important to call the ball and say “MINE!” Our volleyball team now looks ready to go!