2014 Practice Canoe Fresh out of the Mold

After pour day, we decided to re-pour this year’s canoe with a better reinforcement product, as the reinforcement led to the canoe being much thicker than we had designed. But we’re saving this first canoe for practice! Here it is, fresh out of the mold:

Our 2014 practice canoe, DiSCovery I, fresh out of the mold, with the construction team.
Our 2014 practice canoe, fresh out of the mold, with the construction team.

Yes, it’s so smooth, it’s shiny!

Environmental Design Team Takes First at PSWC 2013!

Our environmental design team just took first place in the environmental competition at the 2013 ASCE Pacific Southwest Regional Conference! This team put in long hours of practice and built multiple iterations of their water distribution system. The first place win is an excellent achievement, especially considering the caliber of the other 17 competing schools!